Thursday, May 17, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different. Sort of.

This came across my desktop because, I admit, I'm a fangirl (but I don't drool. Don't even *ask*!).  But this video hits the artist in me and makes my heart sing! You'll know the parts I mean. You don't even have to listen to what he's saying!

Thanks for indulging me!  Suzanne


  1. Yes had one of those days and my picture doesnt turn out that good lol x

  2. I had to remind myself to breathe!! Can you just imagine the freedom of the art style?! Sigh......TFS!!

  3. Oh dear Norman...why I'm fallen THAT quickly. This guy is pure energy.

  4. ok, so, i'm lost and confused. perhaps my inner artist is way too inner. didn't get this. some remedial ed is needed? and what is a fangirl. didn't know i was so far out of the loop, think i'm at the far end of the shoelace by the nib.

    1. lol, just enjoy the energy and the photography - the arc of the paint, how it breaks as it streaks toward the canvas.... The lighting. Beautifully done video.