Monday, January 7, 2013

& Baby Makes Three!

Years ago, our family began attending French Family Camp annually.  During set-up the first year here on the Island, I shouted "Michel!", expecting my little guy to come running.  Instead there was this deep voice in the adjacent campsite replying "Yes?"  That started a friendship with a wonderfully talented and diverse family. 

Big Michel's son Adam was always a dynamic part of the camp experience when he was there!  Well, Adam is "all growed up now" and, with the love of his life, introduced a beautiful baby girl into the world 16 days ago.

Michel with the deep voice passed away last year, missing the birth of his grandchild Evangeline, but he lives on in part of Evangeline's full name.

As well as lettering a poem written by her grandmother, I created this for Evangeline's room.

When I first thought of doing this, it occurred to me that I should frame it. But where am I going to find a shadow box frame? Nope, I didn't have a clue where to get one here in town. So I pondered and scratched my head and finally had a Eureka moment in the shower.

Walnut Hollow to the rescue!  The original plan for these Walnut Hollow plaques was to create book covers with them....  ahem.  Not any more! 

I hated to cover up the pine, but I thought this called for pure white. 
Okay, I confess, I knocked the white back a bit with Raw Sienna to match the watercolour paper better.
You may find these plaques on the Walnut Hollow site here.  My mind hasn't really gone to home decor for a while, so I was so really very happy when I thought of this!
Three coats of paint later...  it was just like card-making.

The Floral Oval was cut from Arches 140lb HP watercolour paper. Lettering was done with gouache and a Mitchell Roundhand nib.  The flourishing was also gouache and a  Esterbrook 357 Vintage nib.  A bit of Pan Pastels were added over top of the flourishing.
I had one of those little zig-zag hangers (thank goodness!) and glued it to the back and it was good to go!
Other items used in this project are in the thumbnail links below.
Thanks for having a look!  Suzanne