Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home Journal

I just dropped this off at Leapenhi paper as a class sample.
You can see the other sample and the awesome cover designs from the Created byhand Challenge.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Preparing the perfect bath

Shhhh, don't tell him it's here. He was only 4 or 5. Here is another painting I did - from the er, same series of backsides. (Honestly, I didn't realize all these painting were backsides....)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blast from the Watercolour Past

I began a watercolour painting class last night with a fellow named Bill Kerr http://www.billkerrart.com/ I was so desparate to get out of the house, I needed to do something! I hadn't looked at any of my serious painting stuff in years.....

I found Bill's weekly class by contacting Grant Fuller ( http://www.grantwfuller.com/ and you can see some more of his paintings here http://www.grantfuller.ca/ ) who was my very first painting instructor in Victoria and now resides in the Comox Valley, but is not teaching weekly classes (dang!).

But while I was looking through my stuff I came on a colour copy of this painting I did years ago and gave to my friend Aleda, who has horses.

This painting was from a class I took with Shelley Penner in Port Alberni (couldn't find a site for her) and she had us doing animals (not my favourite subject!). However I think the horses rear turned out not too badly. I seemed to have painted a lot of butt ends in that class. I must dig up one of the others....

I did such a crappy painting last night, but I had so much fun. I have to get back in the watercolour "groove". Think before you put that brush down!!

Don't forget I have lots of painting supplies on my site!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rubber Pooh Bear

Nope, not here yet!
Who can resist this? Awwwwww! Coming soon.....

New Rubber Stamp teaser!

It's always so exciting to have new rubber stamps! They haven't arrived yet, but they're on their way!!!

Want a little preview? Well, if you tuned into the Product Update earlier today you will have seen this one! This is for that quirky Kelly Burton, whose artwork is totally irresistible. Now what is she going to do with this?

We're going to have to wait a week or so as the rubber is bouncing along on the milk truck route to the Quietfire Rubber Room.....

Stay tuned for the specials! Smiles, Suzanne