Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter is Everywhere

Guess who I was waiting for???
What? Me bored?
I felt rather odd photographing something in a Men's department, but a few minutes later, I saw a fellow photographing a sports jacket with a *real* camera, not just a phone camera (like me!).
I wonder what he had planned?
There is nothing like looking for colour inspirations in the clothing departments...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

How fun is this?
I have to thank my husband for alerting me to this! (It's the Google homepage today)

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Colours of the 2010 Winter Olympics

Red and white
- from border to sea to sea to sea.

The colours we saw everywhere, from the athlete's bibs to the boards around the hocky rink.
Kudos to the designers/illustrators! I purchased the 2010 Engagement calendar showing many variations of this wave "logo". I have come to adore this colour combination!

Okay, who could forget the Norweigan men's curling team's trousers? Fashion Statement or Fashion Crime? What were those designers thinking???
Since I love the Harlequin pattern so much, I found it quite the novelty. I think it was CTV's Lisa LaFlamme who said she'd bought a pair of them as a charity thing. Now she's wondering what to do with a pair of size 42 men's pants!!

And of course the colours Gold, Silver and Bronze.
A standing ovation from me for these incredible designs. Their undulating forms evoke British Columbia’s mountains, ocean and snow. Their faces are drawn from West Coast First Nations artwork depicting the orca and raven. Each is unique - you can read more details here.

More than the colours here are just a few of the unforgettable golden hugs:

Alexandre Bilodeau hugs his disabled brother after his gold medal win is announced for Freestyle Skiing. The first gold medal won by a Canadian in Canada.

That cheeky Scott Moir hugs his gold medal Ice Dance partner Tessa Virtue after telling her straight-faced that they had come second. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Another great Moir hug. Scott leapt into the arms of his brothers who lifted him up in the stands for this awesome hug.

A Golden open display of affection for Men's Short Track winner Charles Hamelin. Charles jumped the rink padding to hug girlfriend Women's Short Track gold medalist Marianne St-Gelais.

Figure Skating Bronze medalist Joannie Rochette hugs her Dad after the medal ceremony. Joannie's mother passed away unexpectedly 2 days before Joannie skated her short program.

And there is nothing like a group hug...

The women's gold medal hockey team and

the men's gold medal hockey team.

Canadians who have been watching CTV for the last 17 days will not be able to rid themsleves of hearing this song on their mental iPods, so we may as well enjoy it again. This is a beautifully assembled bilingual video of
I Believe.
(Click on the flag: Warning, nauseating Canadian Content! Have patience, I think it's getting heavy viewing!)

Congratulations to each and every athelete!