Friday, October 2, 2015

Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival

If you've been reading the newsletter, then you'll know I got out of the house! 


 Quietfire Design invaded Edmonton a few weekends ago!  I had a booth at the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival hosted by Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. Here are a few more photos from that event.

Before I left, kitty gave his stamp of approval to the brand new banner. He would have liked to be rolled in the banner and come with me to visit his daddies, but....

Susan and I had a hard time deciding where to put the banner in the booth, but I think we did the right thing!

I queried the Quietfire Design Team about things that drew them into a booth at an event like this and Sherry said "Great samples!"  She was absolutely right!

Yvonne's gorgeous card drew an amazing amount of attention.  The glitter on the snowflakes was like a beacon to crafters as they walked around the booths!  Needless to say, we sold out of the stamp the first day.  If you want to read more about Yvonne's card, you can see it on this post on Quietfire Creations.

Diana's Peace card drew a lot of love, too! You may read the details about this card here.

As I mentioned in the newsletter, scrapbook enthusiasts came from all over and purchased seats in the "corral" and sat  and created (and shopped) and took classes for 2 days.  Here is the view from our booth.


Along one side of the corral, was a long table, lovingly called the "Loonie Bar" where, for a loonie, you could do a make and take.  The wonderful Kim Goudy guided our patrons as they assembled our Make and Take.  Thanks so much Kim!  It was an absolute pleasure to meet you!

The new A Way With Words dies were very popular.  It was with a bit of surprise that I was telling people they'd only been available for six weeks, because I've been "living" with them for months!

Here is another card by Wanda that attracted a lot of attention. It's amazing how the detail on the Merry Christmas Snowflakes shows up!


Thanks to everyone who shopped at the Quietfire booth.  It was a pleasure to meet you all.  Thanks to Yogi Grunwald for coming up from Calgary for a visit (Ha! really she was shopping. I would have loved to follow her around! Of course she doesn't shop at my booth because she has everything... Her sample card with quilling received a lot of poking and love.).

A huge thanks to the members of my Design Team who sent samples to display.  They were oogled and loved by everyone! 

Thanks to Katharina Doyle and Jackie Ludlage from Canadian Scrapbooker magazine for making this such an amazing event.  I hope they'll let me come back next year!  

And the biggest thanks of all to my friend Susan Ewart.  I could not have done this without her. She's helped me with many events like this over the years and is a genius when it comes to the practical things.  She let me stay with her and fed me popcorn.  It was perfect! (almost like old times way back in Surrey!)

Thanks for stopping by having a look at my adventure in the big city!  
Happy creating, Suzanne