Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Bonus Day!

On the Bonus Day of Christmas.....  We had a extra addition to the swap and those of us who were ready and willing with extra gifties handy jumped up to receive yet another present!
It was the year of the little book for sure! (Great minds think alike!)

This is from Manya in Oregon.  What a little treasure! You can see more detail if you click on each image. Thank you so much!

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 13 (Group 2)

On the 13th Day of Christmas....  okay, there is no 13th Day, right?  Well there is in the 12 Days of Christmas Swap! This was made by Mary-Beth, our fabulous hostess.  I was suppose to open it on Day 3 when everyone else was opening the presents I made.  But I kept it, treasured it, anticipated yet another wee giftie. 

Here is the absolutely delightful creation made by Mary-Beth.  Thank you so much for your hard work Mary-Beth.  You are an expert at organizing us all and stepping in when we had an extra addition at the last minute (ooo! yes, something else to open).  Thank you so much for your dangling decoration.  It's beautiful! (Great wire-wrapping!)

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 12 (Group 2)

On the 12th Day of Christmas....  (I don't think I ever get tired of that song!)
Irene B. in BC gave me this sweet Spellbinders inspired decoration and a wee gift tag!  Very sweet!  I hope I made the folds go the right way....  And it was very difficult to photograph from the "right" angle.  I hope you can visualize what it looks like!  Thank you very much Irene!  Wonderful paper - great idea!

Pssstttt!  It's the Fleur de Lis Pendant here!

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 11 (Group 2)

On the 11th Day of Christmas.....

Wanda sent to me....  Wow!  Well, you can see for yourself.  Thank you so much Wanda!  Amazing.

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 10 (Group 2)

On the 10th Day of Christmas....  Julie B. from Maryland sent me these very cool window decorations! I'm pretty interested how she made the paper translucent because I don't think it's vellum. I haven't hung them in the window yet, although they might cheer me up.  I'm ready to build the Ark over here....  Thanks Julie!

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 9 (Group 2)

On the 9th Day of Christmas.....
Vicky M from Michigan sent me the lovely little notebook!  Thank you Vicky!  You always make something special! You have no idea how much I needed on of these for my purse!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

And for a little change of pace....
This is a Telus commercial from a few years ago that I still think of whenever I hear this song.  I just love this hippo!! Her name is Hazina and she's got such personality! I hope you enjoy her, too!

Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 8 (Group 2)

On the 8th Day of Christmas....  wow, Sue, very cool!  This wonderful notepad came from Sue B. in Alberta!

Thank you so much! It's really too beautiful to use!

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 7 (Group 2)

On the 7th Day of Christmas.... This was my present from Carolyn A. in Alberta.
What an amazing decoration!  I'm so pleased this little quilled birdie was not crushed by Canada Post.
Thanks so much Carolyn! It's amazing!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 6 (Group 2)

My gift for Day 6 was a precious little 12 Days of Christmas book by Jean W. in Washington State.
Each page was a beautiful lavender paper and I love the little wreath charm at the bottom of the stitching.
Thanks very much Jean!


Friday, December 17, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 5 (Group 2)

My Day 5 present is this amazing Bali Lantern from Bonnie M. in Alberta.  This folds up flat and each panel measures approximately 9x6".
What a great idea!  Thanks so much Bonnie!

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 4 (Group 2)

My Day 4 gift is is a wee luggage tag made by Marg H in Ontario!  The tag is laminated and you can see the crescent shape cut for the thumb to lift to lift the tab revealing my name and address. This is perfect timing Marg.  I will be using it soon!  Thanks so much!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 3 (Group 2)

Well, this is my day.  I hope everyone enjoys their little hanging book decoration!

Here it is opened.

Here is some detail.

Quote:  Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.  Merry Christmas
And here it is
when it's been "kitty-fied".....  (click on the photo to see the details.... Well, I guess he figured out how to slide the bead down the ribbon to open it....)  I really don't think the teeth marks improved the look.

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 2 (Group 2)

I forgot to add I was part of Group 2 in the first post!  All the gifties I will be posting on this blog are from Group 2.  Some byhandartists are in more than one group.  There might even be some in all three.  Whew, that would be alot of presents to make.

This beauty is from Jane H. in Alberta.  What a lovely little art piece!  I know this photo will not do it justice.  Even the close up won't show its beauty.  I love how she's made the pine needles.  I'd really love to see a step by step set of photos. 
Thank you so much Jane!

The byhandartists 12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Day 1

This swap is so popular that there are 3 separate groups playing this year!  Unfortunately for me, I couldn't seem to put my hands on a basket for a photo of the stash before it was "necessary" to start opening the presents! 

So here is the lovely Day 1 gift from Linda T. in Alberta.  She has used the 12 Days of Christmas Rubber stamps!  I guess that's why she was asking me if I had a stamp that says "On the _ Day of Christmas my true love gave to me".  Ahem.  Quite the oversight on my part.  But in spite of my shortcomings, she made a really lovely book and OH MY! she had fun decorating the paper....  I wish I had been there playing along side her!

Thank you so much Linda!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here and There Winter card

Here is another one of these "strapped for time" cards!
Most of the design happens in my head, so when it comes time to make the card, it's fast!

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