Monday, February 7, 2011

Human Target Opening Credits

I love watching movies with creative opening credits. I'm so amused when I can identify the typefaces. It's even more wonderful when the movie title has been hand-lettered such as Dances with Wolves, for example.

I find most TV show credits aren't that interesting, but this one sure caught my attention. I wonder why...? (okay, okay, yes! the lead actor is um, rather captivating, but that's not what I meant!)

Pretty cool, huh? Thumbs up to the designer of Human Target's opening credits!

You can see this better on my QuietfireDesign YouTube Account, but due to copyright, I couldn't embed that version here.

P.S.  February 10, 2011.  These  credits received Emmy nominations for Karin Fong, Jeremy O. Cox and Cara McKenney for "Outstanding Main Title Design".  Hardly surprising.

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  1. I didn't watch that show, but you're right. That opener is amazing.

    I confess to be an opener junkie. I really liked Six feet under and also Dexter is great. Fringe also made nice animations and don't let me begin with the music of credits...