Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dreamweaver Stencils Update

Just as Becca Feeken introduced me to carrying Spellbinders, Design Team Member Deborah March introduced me to Dreamweaver Stencils.  I'm getting quite the selection in the stockroom!  Deborah is also on the Dreamweaver Design Team so is well acquainted with them!  She wrote a fabulous article a while ago which you can see here.

I was lucky enough to finally meet Lynell Harlow, creator of this oh-so-classy line of metal stencils at the CHA convention.

Below are the new stencils coming in soon.  The Stripes can be used as stripes or can be used a second time overtop of your stripes at 90 degrees to the original orientation and you'll have your very own plaid pattern! You can see that done in the photo to the left.  The Damask stencil comes in two sizes and we'll have both. 

You might want to visit the Dreamweaver Blog for more ideas - in today's entry you can email Lynell for a copy of her Double Glitter Techniques handout shown. (which is the technique shown on the left using the Rooster stencil and sounds a lot like the Burnished Velvet technique)

Happy Stenciling!


  1. looks like another batch of wonderful stencils. Love the bird one and the heart is pretty nifty too.

  2. Here's a laugh for you. The stripes look exactly like the shirt I had to wear at Blacks (Cameras). We used to joke we were in prison in the mini-lab. the stencils are cool though.