Friday, February 4, 2011

CHA 2011 - the Tim Holtz perspective

Oh, this kills me, I'm such a sucker for a music video.  I'm going to have to visit iTunes AGAIN.... (I'm paying attention even more because it's not U2).
If you're a Tim Holtz fan, then you've probably seen this, but it's worth watching again.  Tim Holtz's booth displays were spectactular.  I could have sat on the floor all day and just looked at them, but then I would have been a squashed puddle. 
It's dangerous to watch this just before I place my pre-orders!


  1. Great Suzanne ! Thanks for the video and I am so glad you had fun in LA. Looking forward to seeing what you will be selling on your site after this visit!! Pretty cool merchandise I am sure!! Cannot wait to see it all.
    Judy In Penticton

  2. As the great man himself would say: Pretty Cool......... This man is awesome. tfs

  3. yup I've seen it already. But it is a wonderful video clip