Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Partial Die Cutting Tutorial - Hello

Partial die cutting is when you cut with a die, part of the design remains uncut.  You can see here how the bottom of the word is still attached to the cardstock it was cut from.

1. Use removable tape to hold the Hello die cutting edge down onto the cardstock. (I used Core-dinations for this example.)

2. Position the cardstock where you can easily see the die. I used the Spellbinders Grand Calibur  with the Junior Plates for this demonstration. (And yes, technically this should be on the Spellbinders Cutting plate, not the Base Plate!  I was more worried about the photos turning out than which plate was where!  No matter, the sandwich is the same!)

3. Cover the die with the other plate, leaving the bottom edge of the die uncovered, and holding the sandwich tightly, feed it into the machine.  (For those of you who can tell which die outlines are on the top of my cutting plate, there is a special place in Spellbinders heaven for you!  The bottom side of this plate is positively embarrassing and not for public consumption!)

4. Run this sandwich through the machine. You can see how the plates are offset.  One pass and it's done!

5. Sometimes the cut is not always perfect.  You can see here the right side of the H and the bottom of the e have been cut right through.  But the other parts aren't, so it will be fine.  Weed out the counterspaces. (They'll pretty much fall out.)

6. Use a soapstone pencil to draw a line across the baseline of the word at either end and inside the H and the little flourish. I've marked it in red here.  Use an xacto blade to cut along that line and gently remove the cardstock from around the top of the word.  Brush off the soapstone pencil line (although if you're clever and avoid extra work, you'll have cut the pencil mark off with the cardstock you're discarding!).

7. Place your partial die cut into position and create your masterpiece! You can see this completed card HERE.

Happy partial die cutting!


  1. So cool, I want to try this! :-)

  2. Great idea. Don't know if this will work with the Sizzix. Have to try it.

  3. Thankyou for the great t utorial I was wondering how that was done! Great blue card!

  4. Thank you for the Tutorial Suzanne.

  5. Thank you for the tutorial wondering if this would work with the Big Kick must try it .

  6. fabulous tutorial. Can't wait to try this with my Grand Calibur

  7. Super cool! Thanks for showing us how to. I've never tried this before. Will now!

  8. What a clever design!! Thank you for sharing :)
    Norma N.