Sunday, April 19, 2015

Heavenly Distraction - Canadian Forces Snowbirds

If you follow me on Facebook (my personal profile), it's no secret that I'm an almost-drooling fangirl of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.  When they're in Comox for spring training every year, I head to the beach with my camera and try to get that elusive photo of the Snowbirds with a resident eagle or with the moon in the background or with the BC Ferry to Powell River.  The last one is the easiest by far!

The Snowbirds left the sky very boring as they stayed in the coop today, but they posted this amazing video of the installation of their their tank cam and footage taken from it.  And they used a perfect song. It's super fun to recognize the maneuvers in the air that I watch from the ground.  I'm sure you can see me down on the beach.....

Enjoy what I get to enjoy from the ground everyday.  (If you're receiving this by email, click here to go to YouTube to watch and give them the thumbs up for me!)

Here is a screen cap from the video. All those cars in the parking lot.... One of them is bound to be me. How lucky can you get? A front row seat without the crowds!


  1. this is so cool. my dh is ret. usaf and I grew up near a base, never saw the snow birds 'til now. have seen frechi tri colore - Italian and thunderbirds. loved seeing this.

  2. Suzanne, just came upon your blog. I lived in the Comox Valley for 8 years, 3 of them in the bases PMQ's, I LOVED when April came around and the Snowbirds training time. I have seen/heard them many times but not from this viewpoint, and never get tired of watching them. Thanks for showing this and I think I see your car! Will be back to check out the rest of your blog, beautiful work.