Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Give a Little Cup of Love

One of my newest designs on the Silhouette Online Store is the Gift Card Envelope with Coffee Cup Display.  My original thought was to make it as a Father's Day gift, but then I remembered being in a Starbucks while on holiday and we were behind a woman who was riffling though a stack of gift  cards before she chose one.  When we chuckled and teased her, we discovered she was a teacher who would frequently be gifted with coffee cards by her students! Sure beats an apple if you ask me!

So yes, when I had this design idea, I drove off to Starbucks to get a coffee and disassemble the cup and sleeve to use as templates (not as easy as you might think!) and then proceeded to tweak.  Keep in mind this is a display cup, there is no bottom so you can't fill it with liquid!  It's just a little cup, not a full size one.

When you open the file, ungroup and pull most of the elements off the cutting mat.  The envelope and backing will stay together and have to be ungouped again.

Cut each element one by one in the colour you wish to use.  I would have used a white cup, but that's really hard to photograph and Silhouette wants perfectly white backgrounds.  lol! Where's the cup?

Here is a side view.

When making the cup and sleeve, you just have to be a bit careful the cup doesn't "squish".  The slits for the card make it want to fold rather than roll, so give it a few practice-rolls.
And here is the inside of the gift card envelope.

Nice Starbucks card, you say?  It's the most beautiful one I've seen - and we got it in Hawaii and keep reloading it.  It raises eyebrows in non-Hawaii Starbucks outlets!

Hope you have fun with this design!  We'd love to see photos on our FaceBook Page!
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  1. Cute card! I love the coffee cup. I can honestly say I have never been to a Starbucks. The closest one is an hour away and I don't get up that way very often. Maybe someday I will convince hubby to stop by so I can say I have been! LOL

  2. very cute and clever. My niece is a teacher and would love this. I'll have to share it with her,