Sunday, March 31, 2013

Twinkling Happy Easter

Hi artlings!  Happy Easter! This "little" Easter project seemed quick and simple enough in my head, but somehow took much longer than I expected!
Easter Sunday is almost over, but I wanted to share this bevy of bunnies.  Ok, I know, not a bevy!

I wanted to decorate these buns in different ways. I drew this bunny years ago for a card-making class I taught, and it's been a template on the Techniques Pages for eons as a pdf.  The first time I made one, I covered it with a used dryer sheet to make it a fuzzy bunny.  When I printed the template out the other day, I was shocked to see how bad the quality was.  Bad Suzanne. So I got my fledgling Illustrator skills to work and remade The Buns.  He's much better now! There are two bunnies on the pdf now, one with the fold and one without.

I used 140lb Arches CP paper for this flock.  The paper was painted with washes of Twinkling H20's in pastel colours, then when dry, the templates were cut out. 

The turquoise buns was my attempt at stamping using the Twinkling H2Os.  I think I could have done better. The stamping solution was a more concentrated version of the background wash colour.  I brushed it onto the stamp.

The embossed bunny was done with the new Spellbinders Ornamental Swirls 3D Embossing Folder.  Holy smokes!  The depth of the embossing is phenomenal.  I did moisten the watercolour paper before I put it through the Grand Calibur, but it really wasn't a happy sandwich - a bit too thick for safety.  But, it's ok.  Our kitties survived the bunny sandwich shooting out the backside of the machine.  vbg!

The hand-lettered bunny was done with a more concentrated solution of the Twinkling H2Os.  It was applied to the Mitchell nib with a brush and lettered directly on the coloured watercolour paper.

I used the little flower in the Spellbinder's Page Maps Whimsy set and added a pearl to their centers.  The die cut buttons came from the same set.

Because the watercolour paper was so thick, I opted not to make a folded card, but instead I cut down the Tim Holtz Small Easel so it fit behind the bunnies and allowed them to stand up.

Hope you had a Hoppy Easter!  Now these little guys will be put away for next year....  Maybe I'll have twice as many when I open the bin next year!

Thanks for hopping in!


  1. Lovely Easter bunnies. Thanks for showing how beautiful the Twinkling H2Os pastel colours could look in different card making techniques.

  2. Aww, those are so cute! The purple made with the Ornamental Swirls reminds me of angora bunnies, long soft fur! TFS, and for the reminder that Twinkling H2Os are very versatile! :-)))

  3. ha ha on the multiplier effect!
    Love the h2o's and the flowers and buttons.
    I feel a pastel attack coming on!