Thursday, March 21, 2013

God Grant Me the Serenity

I've wanted to do this quote for a long time.

This is my Becca Feeken wannabe card! In its simplest form, of course. How did I do?  I used her Spellbinders die design and the Becca Bow Maker, too! (Thumbnail links to the products are below)

God Grant Me the Serenity is on of the new rubber stamps available at Quietfire Design.  Here are the three new stamps and right now they can be found in the New Stamps Department!

Thanks for stopping by for a peek!  Suzanne


  1. What a beautiful card! That filigree frame is gorgeous, perfectly sets off the calligraphy.

  2. praying this prayer as I type.
    Just seeing this card makes me feel more serene -seriously!
    hoping for a full mailbox tomorrow.

  3. Francie in MontrealMarch 22, 2013 at 2:18 AM

    Becca would be proud of you. LOL! Seriously, you've done a masterful job in showcasing this lovely calligraphied prayer. Beautiful!

  4. Your card is stunning. It's perfect for that serenity pray.

  5. This is gorgeous! It looks like Wedgewood, the British pottery that looks like cameos.