Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs and Calligraphy

I have never been enough of a geek to pay much attention to the movers and shakers of the technological innovations of the last few decades (I just use their creations!), but it has been fascinating this week to learn more about Steve Jobs and Apple and how he has changed the world.

Thanks to byhandartist Jane Super who added the link to the video below on her Facebook Page today. As I listened, my ears perked up at the mention of Reed College - and I'm thinking, oh my, he's another westcoast boy - going to school in a hotbed of calligraphic artists. Lucky guy! And then he goes on to mention how dropping out of college led to attending a calligraphy class (any one know who the teacher was?) and years later to quality type in the creation of the Mac.  It's one of the first story he tells on this video, but it's well worth listening to the whole thing.  If you continue you will understand one of the YouTube comments shown with many thumbs up. I added my thumbs up.

I hope he looked in the mirror yesterday and said 'yes'.
RIP Steve Jobs

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  1. fascinating. I'm not one who keeps up with the geeks that change our world either, but I sure love using their gadgets.