Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby Card & Album - Sofianne

Recently my friend had her first grandchild.
It's hard to decide what to send when you don't know what they have and don't have! I knew there would be a card....  I wandered through a baby store and came out bewildered.  And then I remembered I'm a bookbinder....  I thought I could probably come up with something that no one else would give!

I started out with these adorable little rocking horse stickers from Martha Stewart and designed with Spellbinders around their colour scheme.  Here is the card.

I love the dimensional effect that the Pop Dots give.  And when you layer the Edgeabilities just right, you get this little heart peaking through.
One of my favourite thing about Spellbinders is the ovals.  You can draw and cut a circle pretty easily, but ovals....  that's another thing.  And you get this gorgeous embossed edge.  Absolutely classy.  It knocks anything you make up a notch (or two!).

Here is the album made to match the card - it's designed as a little coffee table brag book!

And here is where I get on my bookbinder's soapbox (it's been a while!). These stab bindings look so lovely and you can dress them up so beautifully, but really they're a horrible binding for a Western book.  The Japanese binding uses soft oriental paper and a soft cover and having the book lie flat and the pages fold over the previous page isn't such a big issue.

Adapting the binding for Western uses requires some finesse.

Here is a photo I took before I bound the book.  You can see the spacers between the pages, inserted so the book won't yawn at the foredges when photos are added.  You can also see the pages are scored sequentially so that they will fold over the page before it.

Card Synthesis:
"Sofianne" handlettered with a Mitchell Roundhand Nib

Brag Book Synthesis:
Oriental paper
Spellbinders - as in the card above
Glue, Xyron
Nerves of Steel ('cause I haven't made one in so long!!!)

Thanks for looking!


  1. How cool that you did a blogpost on my granddaughter, Sofianne's gift and card!! I love the uniqueness and sweetness of them both and am so grateful to you for taking the time and effort to make them. Thank you Suzanne!!

  2. Gasp, how beautiful. What a wonderful gift for Sofianne.

  3. These are beautiful, Suzanne!!!

  4. Very cute card and brag book. I like the unconventional colors for a girl.

  5. beautiful. Interesting about the off set scoring. Nice touch.