Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wedding Shower Card

I needed to create a wedding shower card this morning for a shower this afternoon. Sound familiar? Well, I fiddled and farted around - I didn't know if they had any "colours". So I ultimately came up with this. Not what I envisioned in the beginning, but I have to say: I just love embossing folders! Because this is pretty acceptable thanks to the formality of the blind embossing.
I promise I'll do better with the wedding card.
(and duh, he's RCMP, so going with red would probably have been a good guess....)

Card Synthesis:

Mitchell Roundhand Nibs
Higgins Eternal Ink
Pigma Pen
Natural Coloured Cardstock

Black Cardstock
Crafts Too Embossing folder - Swirl Frame
Spellbinders Wizard

Thanks for looking!


  1. When this is a quick, rush work what can you do with time and the right information? I really like your creative work.

  2. What an elegant piece...beautiful!
    I recently made a book using one of your stamps on the cover....go have a look over at my new blog...

  3. beautiful card even if it's a last minute one. Clean and simple and those embossing folders really do a professional job.