Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cover story

Recently I was flattered to be asked to do the cover artwork for the Warmland Calligraphers newsletter. Well, I couldn't help but be boring and do this quote that has been dogging me for years. Maybe I'll finally have it out of my system! It's destine to become rubber soon.....

The cover was printed stark black and white. Yikes, nothing shows up lettering indiscretions like that kind of contrast..... Meanies. Roflolololol!!!

So, here it is again!

The quote came to me, from who knows where, attributed to Edward Teller. Someone sent me an email a while back (my apologies, I spent about half an hour looking for that email!) saying it was someone else's quote. In scouring the internet, I still mostly find it attributed to Edward Teller, but it may also come from Patrick Overton.

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