Sunday, March 30, 2008

7th Anniversary of the byhand Newsletter

Well, I've been putting out the byhand Newsletter for 7 years. Way back then, I really wondered if I'd be able to scrape together enough to say to keep it going. But with lots of help from many very talented artists who've submitted their wonder creations, here we are today! How time flies.

It takes me about 3 days of work to put together a newsletter and I love doing it. Only rarely do I feel like I've gone through labour and delivery and those are usually newsletter that require a huge amount of photo-editing.

The next newsletter is almost ready to go.

!!!Check it out - we're having an Anniversary Party!!!!!

I'm giving away $100 worth of gift certificates in 3 separate "contests". Stay tuned for contest details in the newsletter!
To subscribe to the byhand Newsletter, visit the News Department in the right hand column of the Quietfire homepage!
To see back-issues of the newsletter, click here!
Good luck! Suzanne

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