Sunday, October 19, 2014

Published in Uppercase Magazine

I really didn't believe it until I had the issue in my hot little hands!  In an issue filled with beautiful pointed pen lettering, there is my little broad-edge contribution.

I'm referring to the current issue of  Uppercase magazine.  It is a very cool publication.  It is very well produced and a joy to hold in your hands. And this issue is filled with beautiful examples of calligraphy and lettering.

What is Uppercase?
It is a publication for the creative and curious that sparks the imagination and inspires creativity. 
Uppercase magazine is the brainchild of Janine Vangool who is its publisher, editor and designer and who basically wears all hats (doesn't that sound familiar!?).

Janine is very active on Instagram where you may see wonderful photos of what inspires her as well as sneak peaks of what's happening and what's coming at Uppercase! 

In the issues I have seen, there is always an interesting insert - a challenge throwout.  The photo above is my Instagram photo from the last issue challenge.  I lettered and cut "Upper case" in my current favourite colours. Since there is heraldry in this new issue, the challenge is to design your own crest and share it on Instagram and Twitter using the card provided.  Another inclusion is a blank card, designed for you to send to a friend/family member who you have just bought a gift subscription for!  
These are the best inserts EVER!

Here is a link to the official page of this issue so you can have a look! There are lots of other issue pages for you to browse while you're there.  But there is nothing like holding the magazine in your hot little hands. 

My submission is on this page:

Interested in subscribing? (I did, even before I was included!)  I can share this discount code with you!
The discount code “letterlove” will take $15 off subscriptions, valid until October 31. Here is a direct link to the subscription page starting with this issue.  Don't forget the discount code!!

Happy reading!


  1. Congratulations! That's so wonderful!

  2. When I received my issue of Uppercase two days ago and saw that it was about calligraphy, I immediately thought of you, Suzanne! So I wasn't remotely surprised to see your work included (which is as it should be). Your lettering fit in perfectly with the others. Congratulations!!