Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rejoice - Teabag Folded Tree Card

I really, really wanted to learn how to do the Christmas Tree that Sharon Reinhart teaches in her online class!  So I took the class.  Hey! I can do this! So here is my tree added to a card.  This is definitely not the end of my teabag folding!

Sharon teaches the Fabulous Paper Folds online class at Annie's and it's so easy to follow. I really like online classes that I access forever.
Think I'm going to have to try the Iris Folded tree next!

Kaisercraft makes such gorgeous papers.  I love the richness of this one. I sponged Crimson Versafine around the edges of the Floral Oval die cut and the edges of the front panel.

I thought the rondelle star bead (I finally got these put on the site!  The thumbnail link is below) topped with a pearl, made a good decoration for the top of the tree.  I considered adding pearls all over the tree....  Hmm. Maybe next time!

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Here are thumbnail links to the products I used!


  1. Beautiful card- gorgeous papers! love that versafine!

  2. Wow Suzanne! Your choice of colours is so rich as well - lovely lovely card.

  3. I love tea bag folding! I have done a few cards with it-but never this tree! I will have to try! I also love iris folding too. What a beautiful card Suzanne! you are so talented.

  4. A really beautiful card!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love the card Suzanne. That folded tree really adds to the card. I've tried tea bag folding, the precision involved was a bit much for me, so I stopped doing it.

  6. Oh nice!! Haven't done tea bag folding in ages... Don't get me started on something else. Sheesh. Love the papers and the star rondel is so pretty. I have some of those...
    Have a great day

  7. This is great. I like the papers you used and the pattern of holly in the upper corner frames it all so nicely. I tried tea bag folding, but an incident with the exacto knife and Bandaids put an end to that fun!

  8. Oh wow, I love the golden notes. Beautiful card.

  9. This is very cool. I love folding. What does the tree look like from the back. Say you were to make it into an ornament (assuming it's glued together) would you need to laminate two fronts together or does it look pretty from the back too. I checked out the class. It looks really good.
    Susan, Chilliwack