Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Stamps!

Oh, my! I am remiss not posting here about the new stamps!

But first let me share a link with you over to Quietfire Creations where you can see my first project done with the new stamps.

And now here are the new stamps!
We've introduced the new Quietfire Companions, so you have a quote for the front of your card and a sentiment for the inside.  (pssst!  Those in the know refer to them as Innies and Outies!)  Of course you don't always have to use them together!

And at last we have a classic Italic Happy Birthday and Anniversary.  I've procrastinated for years about those.  The word happy is not a calligrapher's favourite.  If only the saying was Birthday Happy, calligraphers would be in heaven.  As it is, all those descenders that are crying for flourishing must be tamed when they are on top!  I have cope the best I can, especially when this lettering comes back to haunt me for years!!

The Design Team and I were "talking" one day about dark humour and Robyn Josephs fires back "My dark side is chocolate". I laughed all the way to the drafting table!  It made a great match for a "I know you want that cookie" which I've been wanting to do forever.  Cookies always talk to me.  That's why I *try* not to have any in the house.....
We do not remember days was a request from Designer Sharon Reinhart.  She wanted to be able to use part of the quote on the outside of a card and part on the inside.  And really, I think that was how the Quietfire Companions came about.  Thanks to Sharon for sparking that fire so quietly! (So quietly, she didn't know she'd done it)

Also new is a set to coordinate with Spellbinders™ Labels One die set!  Our Happy Family Days stamp set has a calligraphic frame stamp which can be a home to four different stamps. 


  1. great new stamp set! looking forward to playin with Labels one

  2. Great new stamps! The lettering is gorgeous and the sayings are so inspiring. I love your images!