Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spellbinders Winter 2012 Pre-orders

Since Quietfire Design is a Spellbinders Preferred Stamp Partner, we're particularly interested when they are releasing new items!

Today is the last day of their Blog Hop (and the last day of our Blog Flutter - see my previous post) and you can see all 50 of their new goodies on our Pre-order page here.

The Pre-orders have started coming in and we will leave these items on the web until January 29th when our order will be placed at Spellbinders. 

Spellbinders will be revealing some more new items the first day of the CHA conference (Craft and Hobby Association) beginning January 29th and we should have them on the web that day - in the Pre-order Category along with those just revealed.

Here is some information about our Pre-Orders:
The Pre-order dies are 20% off MSRP until January 29, 2012*. Payment reserves your order. Spellbinders are not shipping these items until the very end of February 2012, so you won't have them till after that! New items may be added daily until then. We will ship your order as soon as the dies arrive at Quietfire. If some dies are delayed, we will contact you letting you know the status.

Orders containing non-pre-order items will be held until the pre-order items are shipped to you, so it's best to do two separate orders!

*You don't see the sale price until the item is in your shopping cart.

Want to have another look at the Spellbinders Blog Hop?  Here is the list of designers and their blogs along with what new toy! tool each demonstrated.  I know it's hard sometimes to know what you want until you see it "in action"!

Congratulations to Spellbinders and all the Spellbinders' Designers for their fabulous creations!
 Note: Each link will open a new window.  The product links go to the Quietfire Design website Spellbinders Pre-order pages.

January 12, 2012

 ·         Debbie Olson

o   Elite

·         Latisha Yoast

·         Michelle Woerner 

o   Valor

January 13, 2012

 ·         Becca Feeken

·         Julianna Hudgins

·         Julie Overby 

o   Crosses Two 
o   Regal

January 14, 2012 

·         Shanna Vineyard

o   Layered Flowers  
o   Whimsy

·         Kazan Clark

·         Tonya Dirk  

January 15, 2012

 ·         Samantha Walker

 ·         Christine Emberson

o   Tea Service
o   Flower Fun

·         Lesley Langdon

January 16, 2012

 ·         Holly Simoni

 ·         Heidi Blankenship

o   Elegance

·         Judy Hayes

January 17, 2012

·         Kimberly Crawford

·         Donna Salazar

·         Ken Oliver

o   Nobility

January 18, 2012

·         Linda Duke

 ·         Sherry Cheever

·         AJ Otto

o   Imperial

January 19, 2012 

·         Gloria Stengel

·         Nina Bracket

 ·         Tina McDonald

o   Simplicity

·         Windy Robinson

o   Splendid

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