Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I might get some artwork up here yet, but in the meantime here is my all-time favourite Christmas commercial made in 2005!
So what are you up to this afternoon?  I'm having a trip through family history!  I am going through all the old Christmas cards that my mother received and kept and getting rid of most of them, but some are treasures. I've also been sorting and organizing my arting area.  Organization is a constant challenge as certain supplies come into favour and others fall out.  They don't fall far enough to throw out, but priorities change.
Hopefully I'll be back later with a card, but take a break and enjoy Hazina - yes, that's her name and she lives at the Vancouver Zoo - she such a personality! (and yes, I did donate to the fund to build her a new habitat!)

P.S.  Belated congrats to Sher Springall for winning the Facebook Candy!!


  1. Wishing you an awesome Holiday Season! Thank you for all the inspiration throughout the year...

    Have an wonederful New Year!

    all my best...

    Sandy Sommerfeld
    Kelowna BC
    (still calligraphing & lettering...blogging...)

  2. oops! wonderful New Year! best check spelling before I post! LOL