Friday, November 18, 2011

Snowflakes are Kisses - continued in ATC form!

Judi Kauffman shared her "Snowflakes are kisses from Heaven" card with us yesterday.  This morning she surprised us with some ATCs that incorporate the same supplies.  She sent instructions, too.  Thanks again, Judi!

Because ATCs are small, I skipped the embossed notary seals I used for yesterday's 5 x 7 card.  Instead of punched stars, I switched to Silver/Gold Glitter Dots that look like tiny snowflakes falling in the distance.  This contrast in size is what makes the larger snowflakes really pop forward to the eye.  I edged the ATCs with silver (Pentouch from Sakura).  The sentiment, "Snowflakes are kisses from heaven" (stamp from Quietfire Design) and the punched Blue Iris Shimmer Sheetz snowflakes topped with glittery snowflake peel-offs remain the same as on the card - though the snowflakes are one layer, not two.  (Glitter dots, snowflakes, Shimmer Sheetz from ElizabethCraft Design)  Tip: Note that on each ATC one of the snowflakes is cut into two pieces - one piece attached at the top toward the left, the other piece attached at the bottom just below and to the left of the whole snowflake, but not directly below the other half!  This kind of cropping tricks your eye into seeing lots of snowflakes falling from the sky.  If you're not into ATCs, this same kind of smaller scale project would work well for tags or tree ornaments. 

(A side note: I know it's fashionable to write just a few words in a blog or on facebook, but after four decades of teaching it feels like cheating if I don't provide complete information and instructions - and it's really important to me to include the "why" of the project as well as the "how"...I hope you find this useful and worth reading!  Judi K)

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