Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Diversion

The CHA is over for me, but it will take me a while to do the final post about it.  Since my husband came with me and it was his birthday yesterday, I thought I better indulge him some time.  :-)

While I was at the conference today, he did his research for our dinner plans.  He is a Hell's Kitchen fan and he knew the winner of the recent season was Nona, now head chef at LA Market restaurant in the JW Marriott near the convention center.....   Well, you guess it.....

This is where we had dinner.

Our waiter caught me trying to take this photo from our table into the kitchen. Nona was a blur!  But we got to see her often as she zipped around kitchen.

Our wonderful waiter asked her to come out and see us, but she sent back that it would be a while before she could get away.  After an hour we thought it was time to go, so I got up and took this:

I said "Smile!" and she sure did!  I added a "Congratulations!" and let her get back to work.  So we left with a great meal tucked under our belts and a whole lot of smiles.

Nona is a different kind of creative person!

So Happy Birthday Honey.  Sorry you didn't get to shake Nona's hand. But this is was way more fun than a handmade card from *me*!


  1. Happy belated birthday, D...

    I see you had a great night.

  2. wonderful. I've watched Hell's Kitchen often, but really hate his way of treating people and his language., so I usually divert to something else. But glad you had a good meal by her.
    Looking forward to your CHA update.

  3. Sounds fantastic and so happy your DH had a wonderful meal from a famous chef!!
    Hugs, Candy

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby. I'm still baffled that men watch that show, but... I just can't I can't take the words that Chef Ramsey sputters out. And what do you mean better than a handmade card from you? That's art!