Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

While cleaning out my parent's place yesterday, I found this very old card I made for my Mom - a bittersweet find. The attribute seems to be a contraction of a quote by Elizabeth Stone (found with a cursory search). The image was printed on the card and the lettering was almost certainly done with a Mitchell Roundhand nib and Higgin's Eternal Ink!


  1. Beautiful words and wonderful card.

  2. That is a gorgeous card, and I love the verse.. You need to make a stamp of the quote Suzanne.

    Karen G (BC)

  3. Oh Suzanne what a lovely card. The quote is just perfect for the picture, you did wonderful calligraphy and I can see why it was saved. Wonderful memories of your Mom and your Dad will be found each day as you work your way through their possessions. It is one of the jobs that cannot be done with speed but done at a pace that is peaceful for you. May you find laughter amongst your tears>
    thinking of you