Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tape Glitz

I was just wrapping up my gifties for the 12 Days of Christmas exchange on the byhandartists list. Each giftie needs to be marked for the day in which it should be opened, so I opted for tags. Now holding those tags on presented me with a dilemma.... should I just tape them on? Surely I could come up with something more interesting....
Luckily I had some transfer foil on my drafting table which attracted my attention.... and then never far away is the double-sided tape.....

I thought this was a bit more interesting than just taping the tag on....

Happy creating! Suzanne


  1. Oh Suzanne that is a great tip for fastening of the tag....lovely idea. THanks!

  2. I like this idea suzanne , it looks lovely too ! Can hardly wait to open this gift!!
    Judy L