Friday, May 1, 2009

Quietfire Creations Group Pool Prize Winners

I have drawn the names of 2 winners from the April submissions to the Quietfire Creations Pool because I couldnt' decide on one!

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted - keep on adding submissions, you never know what I'll do next!

The April winners are:
Jademond (Ramona in Germany) and
Carnival2003 (Carol?)
and you will both receive grab bags of Quietfire Design Gentle Thoughts Rubber Stamps.

And here is the slide show: Amazing!!!! (if you're receiving this as an email update, the slide show can be viewed on this blog by clicking the title above!)


  1. Very nice stuff. And congrats to the winners. Well done

  2. Congratulations Jademond and
    Carnival2003. All your art work is awesome, thanks for creating and sharing with us. SandiB

  3. wow, great stuff. Must have been hard to pick a winner.