Friday, January 11, 2008

Sweet Cheeks

Oh my, it depends on your computer monitor if this looks like a black background! It's really dark blue. The big disappointment is the large Flourish. It is stamped with The Essential Glue Pad and then Silver Composition Leaf was adhered to it. The scan just doesn't do it justice.
The Glue Pad and the Composition Leaf certainly worked well together - take my word for it - it looks great!

For this Friday amusment I used: (click on each link to see the product)
Bazzill Blue Monochrom
Dotted Harlequin Border (large diamonds) for the hanging tapestry
Vintage Bare Bottoms Collage image
Brilliance Platinum Planet Stamp Pad
Brilliance Pearlescent Sky Blue Dew Drop
The Essential Glue Pad
Puffy Burgundy Heart
Silver Composition Leaf

Happy weekend creating!


  1. LOLOL I love this!!!!!!!! It is sooooo well put together!!

  2. Love where you have been placing the hearts...too cute and the flourishes look divine!

  3. I havent bought a stamp in way over a year but between you and Kelly....I think I need some flourishes!

    love them....

  4. Saw this just before heading off to bed last night and it made me chuckle. It is just to sweet!!! not to mention well put together.

  5. I love this..its great!! love these flourish stamps!!!!

  6. he is too cute!! gotta get him for sure

  7. What a darling this card!