Sunday, December 23, 2007

Birthday Card Creation

Well, I hope she's not peeking, because I don't think the card has arrived yet.... But it's been sitting here on my hard drive and if I don't post it, I'll forget about it! Just like Pooh Bear, I'm an artist of very little brain!

This was very hard to photograph. It's using the same technique as in the Foiled Christmas Tree Project on my website, with double sided tape, transfer foil and Jones Tones Plexi Glue (go to the Project to get all the links and instructions). The lettering was done with an EF66 nib and Schmincke Tro-Col Rich Gold Gouache.

I sure hope she likes it!


  1. beautiful card! lucky birthday girl!

  2. And YES!!! I absolutely love it. It will hang on my wall for quite some time so I can drool. I will be trying this to see if I can come even close to what you did. Thanks so very very much.
    Take care Yogi