Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ecoline Liquid Watercolours

Thomas Hoyer, one of the instructors at Island Magic, asked me if I'd get in the Ecoline Dyes. I had quite a hard time finding them, but managed to order in most of the colours. They'll be here next week (I hope!) - hurry little truck, hurry!

Not knowing much about them, I Googled Ecoline and came across the blog of Stamping Matilda who had used the product for a background with very wonderful results!

Later the same day I was browsing through the recent issue of Rubber Stamp Madness - I advertise with them - and there was an article on blogs. Low and behold, there is Stamping Matilda again. What a coincidence! I guess I was destined to start a blog and have Ecolines!

Hopefully I can show some of Thomas' creations. I'll probably get to see his before I get to create with them myself....

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  1. I'm enjoying your blog- had a great time at Stamping Mathilda's too. The Ecoline looks very interesting! Beth